Environment for Life

The Energie Fruit brand is all about passionately caring for our environments. Whether they be our physical environment, our work environment, our community environment, our supplier environment or our global customer environment.

We work under the simple principle – Be good to your environment and it will be good to you.

We take special care to protect the land for future generations and pride ourselves in creating a positive work place.  We are involved in community projects and we strive hard to exceed our customers expectations.   

Here are some of the projects we have been working on to create a better ‘Environment for Life’.



Healthy Eating for Kids

Every year we donate apples to schools in the Nelson Marlborough area, to encourage the 5-a-day healthy eating programme.

Energie Foundation
The Energie Foundation has been set up to develop and promote community based initiatives related to industry education, community and environmental improvements.


Carbon Emissions
We have embarked on a programme to measure and reduce our carbon emissions. 

Compost Tea
In the quest for the best tasting fruit, Eden Road Fruit have embraced a programme creating their own “compost tea”. This organic based process improves soil biology and creates naturally stronger, healthier trees.


Nil Residue Future
All of our supply orchards adhere to the principles of Integrated Fruit Production (IFP) and are committed to a future of Nil Residue Fruit.

Compliance Programmes
All Energie orchards are EurepGap accredited. All packing facilities comply with the latest BRC Standards as well as other customer specific food safety programmes that cover health, food safety, hygiene, environmental and social responsibility.


The Nelson Region of New Zealand is home to the Energie Fruit Brand