Energie Fruit Charitable Trust

In September 2010 the Energie Fruit Charitable Trust was established to further enhance The Energie Fruit brands commitment to “Environment for Life.”

The Trust’s purpose is to provide support within the local, national and international communities it interacts with. To meet this Purpose the following initiatives were established.

Energie Fruit Environment for Life Scholarship

This initiative involves applicants applying for the annual Environment for Life Scholarship consisting of a $2000 grant to assist the successful applicant in taking up tertiary education in either the Environmental, Horticultural or Agricultural field.

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Energie Fruit "Environment for Life" Donations

Each year the Trust will decide on an amount of money to be used for a variety of purposes in the form of donations. Donations will be made to registered organisations, and to local, national and international initiatives at the discretion of the Trust. The Trust will remain flexible in making these donations so as to be able to meet needs as they arise. The Trust will decide on recipients through identifying initiatives that support its “Environment for Life” philosophy.