About Us

“Environment for Life” is the philosophy of the three founding partners of Energie Fruit.

Our three companies, Hoddy’s Orchard, Energie Produce Ltd and Daelyn Partnership formed Energie Fruit in 2007 with a life commitment to the many environments that surround us – the work environment, the community environment, the customer environment and the physical environment.

“We passionately believe in protecting and nurturing these environments to ensure our continued success in the fruit industry and to leave it in good shape for future generations”.

Walter Hoddy planted his family’s first apple tree in Nelson, New Zealand around 1915. Since then each successive generation has carried on the family tradition of growing premium quality apples. The Hoddy’s long standing attitude of “Quality without Compromise” has been adopted by the founding partners of Energie Fruit and has become synonymous with fruit from the Energie Fruit Company.

Founding Partners

Hoddy’s Orchard The Hoddy’s are 4th generation apple growers in the Nelson region, with Walter Hoddy planting his family’s first apple tree in 1915. Since then each generation has carried on the tradition of growing premium quality apples. Management of the orchard is now shared by Michael Hoddy and his son-in-law Andrew Kininmonth. A combination of youth and experience which ensures the legacy for generations to come. Eden Road Fruit Limited (Previously Daelyn Orchards) The original Daelyn Orchard was planted in the early 80s, when David and Lyn Sutton converted their dairy farm to apples. Now their son Stephen and his wife Maria, farm around 60 hectares of apples and berryfruit on the Waimea Plains near Nelson. Energie Produce Ltd Ken Tippler and Nadine Tunley formed Energie Produce Ltd in 2006. The export company was dedicated to delivering highest quality fruit and service to its customers in markets in Asia, UK, Europe and North America, but was sold in 2013.

Our People

Andrew Kininmonth
Andrew is the pivotal connection between the orchard and marketing arm within Energie Fruit. Andrew works at Hoddys Orchard in the role General Manager. He has responsibilities for production and storage of all fruit produced. He has been involved in the family business since 1998. Andrew has an agricultural background and has a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Administration.

Ken Tippler

Ken is the Trademark Manager for Energie Fruit Company. Ken has interacted and developed a client base around the world in key markets USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Asia. He has been involved in the New Zealand pipfruit industry since 1987. He has been involved with Quality Management and held an off-shore position for ENZA within the USA.

Nadine Tunley
Nadine is an Independent Director of Energie Fruit Company NZ Ltd.